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7 Bad Electric Lighting Choices to Avoid

By August 25, 2014November 15th, 2016Energy Saving

Lighting is critical especially if you want to get the best lighting effects and at the same time use lights to accomplish unique beauty and design.
500W Halogen Lights
When making decisions regarding electric lighting, you need to do your research properly to avoid making blunders that are not only costly, but can have serious safety implications. The following are 7 bad electrical lighting choices you need to avoid.

500w Halogen Lights

Stay away from 500w halogen lights because they’re most suitable for lighting very huge spaces such as football fields. If you’re interested in lighting up your yard, 150w lights are a better option. You should understand that if you want to keep a huge area well lit, the trick is to mount your lights high and not use lights that consume a lot of energy.

Dimmed PIR Lights

The concept of having outdoor lights remain dim until human presence is detected for them to switch to full brightness looks cool. However, the high energy costs associated with these lights are unbelievable and a waste of thousands of pounds on associated operation costs. You are better off using CFLs as they save energy costs up to a whopping 97% and still achieve the same purpose, but at a far much reasonable cost.

Bare Fluorescent Lights with random tube

This is a common home lighting method that is known to be highly energy efficient. However, if not installed well, they are tantamount to ugly lighting. Avoid fitting the bulb at the centre of the room with a randomly chosen tube. A good idea is to go for a stylish, hidden and well distributed fitting for optimal results. Also, make sure to choose a good quality tube.
Halogen downlighting

They also have a wide set of disadvantages but these vary depending on the type you decide to choose. Common risks include the risk of ignition especially when they come into close contact with plastic and paper. Operating at high pressure makes these lights very hot and the risk of an explosion becomes imminent. They also produce UV rays, which are responsible for skin damage. Interestingly, despite several downsides, some consumers still seem happy using them.

Lights high up out of reach over stairs

Please, install lights where you can easily reach them. A lot of accidents that cause serious injuries happen when people try to stretch too high to reach lights. The good news is that you can have old inaccessible lights extended to where they are easily accessible.

Halogen Uplighters

Your chances of having house fires are likely to happen when you choose these lights. Be ready to dig deeper and spend a lot of money on high energy bills as these lights are power hungry.

Plaster half-bowl uplighters

Fails to deliver any of the advantages associated with uplighting and instead, make walls look bad. A number of these lights have design defects and, therefore, fail to deliver the desired lighting effects.