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Access Control & Intercom

Access control systems & Intercom systems are an important to the security of your home or office. Both are particularly suitable for multiple occupancy, commercial or domestic buildings. At London Electricians, we pride ourselves on providing reliable entry system repair and access control services.

Door Access Control Service

A door access control solution will not only help you give access to authorised personnel in certain parts of your premises, but it will also keep out unauthorised individuals safe and securely. From electronic keypads that can operate a single door to networked systems in multiple buildings, door access control systems will help you simplify the entry management of your home or office with tailored security.

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Access Control Installer

Installing access control systems will provide you controller access to areas that are restricted, ranging from whole buildings to certain rooms. Access control installer team from London Electricians can supply and install solutions to help you forget about keys and the hassle of losing your key. The access control systems we install can be tailored to allow you to place restrictions on time and level of access.

Your London Access Control Contractor

London Electricians provides complete security system installation and repair service for industrial & commercial clients. The offering brings tailor-made access control contractor service to suit businesses’ requirements. Large sites will greatly benefit from management of personnel or vehicular access. As a result, a bespoke access control system can meet certain requirements, included where certain onsite security is in place.

Take access control

to the next level

When it comes to door entry security, intercoms are key if you want to speak to your visitors before you give them access.

Many out of the most popular entry points such as doors and outside gates can benefit from the use of intercoms. On top of that, intercoms can work together with your video entry system, allowing you to see the visitor you’re speaking to.

It’s now easier than ever to get enjoy an intercom system that integrates with a range of other systems. Call us or request the service here on our website to schedule your service. At London Electricians, we provide high-end door entry system repair and installation.

Your Dedicated

Intercom Repair


It’s important to ensure functionality of your access control system through maintenance and checks. We not only maintain, but we can also install, upgrade & do residential intercom repair, intercom phone repair and other common issues.

To make sure of the effectiveness of your security system, we can repair your house intercom at any given time, 24 by 7. Through regular recommended visits from a qualified electrical engineer, you’ll avoid frequent intercom repairs in London.

Whether you need an intercom doorbell repair, apartment intercom repair or an expert and quick intercom repair service in London, Essex, Harrow or Edmonton – our teams are here for you.

We’re Your

Video Intercom


Need an expert video intercom repair in London and its surrounding areas?

Video intercom installations are not only allowing you to see who’s visiting your home, but also take your security system to the next level.

Per your needs, we can attach video cameras to any of the different entry points, whether are door or gates. Installing a video intercom will not only allow you to see who is visiting your home or office, giving you control over who can enter.
Our experience recommends us to be your video entry system installer. A team of engineers make sure you’ll use the right products and make suggestions according to the needs.

Video intercom installations can consist of fixed cameras or DDA compliant cameras. While installing a video intercom, we’ll make sure that is accessible to elderly or disabled visitors.

As your video intercom installer team, we will help you decide on which products are right to protect your house or office from intruders.

We are nowhere like the standard intercom repair companies in London – we focus on delivering top-quality work at an affordable rate and a service you will appreciate.

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