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How to carry out a fire risk assessment

Understanding and carrying out a regular fire risk assessment is important to ensure the safety of everyone in a commercial building. Fires can start for a wide variety of reasons and in our latest post, we discuss the fire risk assessment in further detail and the actions you must take if you are in charge of this area of health and safety within your workplace.

The fire risk assessment and the fire log safety book are two things that you will be asked for if a fire officer should come and inspect your building.

A commercial premises does not need a professional fire risk assessor to carry out the assessment, however, the person appointed for this role must be confident that they can carry out the following:

Correctly identify potential causes of fire on the business premises
Assess what safety measures would be suitable for the business, i.e fire alarms etc.
Identify the people at risk should a fire breakout
Develop a fire safety action plan
Record all findings when creating an action plan
Implement the action plan if needed
Keep the fire risk assessment updated regularly

Typically, although it is handy to have your fire risk assessment documented, businesses are only required to document assessments for the following reasons:
If they have more than 5 employees
The premises requires a licence
The fire brigade has issued a notice to say you must do so

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