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What Causes Electrical Accidents?

The impact of electric shock can range from a mild tingling feeling to a serious and fatal injury such as heart failure. When a current travels through the bone and tissue, it can cause an electrical burn either inside or outside the body. These are just some of the implications of electrical accidents and they are certainly outcomes which should be avoided at all costs. Today, London Electricians review some of the causes of electrical accidents, so as to inform our customers of the potential hazards at home and in the workplace and help you to stay safe:


Damaged Equipment

Damaged equipment is another major cause of electrical accidents; one of the easiest things to spot is if the plug or cords are frayed or melted, sometimes leaving the internal wiring exposed. It is all too easy to try and remedy the situation using electrical tape but this is only a temporary solution and not the best course of action when it comes to preventing injury. What’s more, if this exposed wiring is close to any water or flammable material, you have an accident waiting to happen.

Water near Electrical Circuits

In a working or home environment, drops and spills are an everyday occurrence – but what if there were significant implications for liquids trailing dangerously close to your switched-on appliances? As many of us know, water conducts electricity, thereby posing a serious risk to the health and safety of anyone nearby should a live current come across water. It is strongly advisable, therefore, that you install a residual current device – or ground fault circuit interrupter – in any rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom where there is potential for the area to get wet. Installing this device will make sure that the current stops if it comes into contact with water, thereby preventing the possibility of electrical accidents.

Faulty Wiring

Ensuring that your wiring is regularly inspected by a professional electrician – especially if you own or work in an older property – is crucial if you want to prevent electrical accidents. Old electrics and poorly installed wiring can result in loose connections and, consequently, the possibility of electric shock and fires. Furthermore, serious problems can arise if you try and overload your circuits with too many appliances and too high a voltage. Whether this is a result of ignorance or laziness, ensure that you are always aware of the usage capability of your circuit and make a conscious effort to monitor which appliances are plugged in at any given time.


One thing is for sure, never try and handle faulty electrical systems or appliances yourself – leave this to the experts at London Electricians. Our friendly team of local electricians is here for you, whether you require emergency help or simply need to arrange some routine electrical testing. Get in touch with us today by giving us a call on 020 8728 9179 or by completing our quick and simple online query form.