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Common Electric Boiler Problems

There is nothing more frustrating or inconvenient than a faulty heating system, especially in winter when waking up to a cold house or stepping into a freezing shower is a rather unappealing prospect. It’s not always easy to spot the first signs of problems with your heating, which is why London Electricians have put together some examples of electric boiler problems to help keep our customers informed and prepared:


Faulty Thermostat/Circuit Breaker

Do you find that your boiler doesn’t respond when you adjust the controls of your thermostat or your circuit breaker has tripped and won’t come back on again? These kinds of electric boiler problems indicate that it is time to call in an experienced electrician. Do not tamper with your thermostat as you expose yourself to the possibility of electrocution, particularly if any of the wires appear to have been burned. Consult with a knowledgeable tradesman who can evaluate whether a repair can be done or a completely new thermostat is required.



Water dripping from your boiler – whether a small amount or a significant leak – is a serious problem that needs addressing as soon as possible, as it can cause untold damage to your property and your electric heating system. Leaks can be caused by numerous factors such as corroded pipes or a defective temperature and pressure valve; it is often difficult to locate the exact source of the leak, therefore, you should always leave this to professionals who can find the cause and fix accordingly. If you suspect that you have a leak then it is best to cut off the electricity supply to your boiler in order to prevent any risk of danger.


Strange Noises

Strange noises are one of the more common electric boiler problems experienced by many people. Rumbling, popping, and hissing sounds coming from your electric water heater are indicative of a number of different factors such as a buildup of sediment within the tank, fluctuations in water pressure, a loose heating element. Monitor the sounds carefully and if you are at all concerned, contact an expert to take a further look for you.



Sometimes electric boiler problems can come in the more unusual form of unwelcome visitors, who can find their way into your home or business and cause untold damage to your heating system. The London Electricians team were recently called out for an emergency repair in Central London, where some hungry rats had feasted on the power cables that fed electricity to the underfloor heating system and the boiler.

We needed to make a temporary repair on the day as the controller for the heating was damaged and then came back the following day to carry out a full repair. All of our work was done at a fixed rate for the entire service across two days.


If you suspect any problems with your electric heating system then get in touch London Electricians immediately. Our emergency electricians provide a fast and responsive service to customers across the London area including Hammersmith & Fulham, Camden, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster. To speak with our friendly team simply give us a call on 020 8728 9179 or book a call out via our online enquiry form.