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Domestic Air

Conditioning Repair

If you have air conditioning units installed but left at your own devices or are in a situation where warranty has expired? Our domestic air conditioning service has got you covered!

Air conditioning in the UK is a market valued at over 1 billion and has a notable presence in domestic homes. Air conditioning isn’t cheap so it is important to do the investment with a good amount of wise planning.  Often times, on hot summer days, you don’t find many alternatives to central air conditioning.

Domestic residential buildings need a central air conditioner that distributes the air. These systems consist of a condenser, air handling unit with a blower and evaporator coil. On top of that, a ductwork system for exchanging room air with chilled air.

We perform air conditioning repair for residential properties, where the condenser unit sits outdoors. Also where room AC units are installed, we can repair those as well.

Our domestic air conditioning repair service will ensure your air conditioner is efficient. Good maintenance will not only help cool your home quick, but it will also save your money spent on energy bills.

Air Conditioning Installer Advice

Before acquiring an air conditioning unit, you need to know that there are two main types of air conditioners: static and portable. Most AC installations in the UK are portable, which allows you to move air conditioning appliances whenever needed. Static units, as opposed to portable air conditioning units, are usually built into walls and windows.

To maintain the perfect temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable, we will make sure your AC installation is in the right place. Our expert air conditioning installer will help you decide which unit is more effective for your home. It’s now even more convenient to schedule an inspection at your home, by using the forms on the website or by calling us at any given time.

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Starting from £75 +VAT, per hour