Electrical Safety Certificate

Electrical Safety Testing in London

London Electricians are able to offer electrical safety certificates upon completion of a successful test. Whether you are a business that needs small-item PAT testing, or a landlord who requires an up-to-date electrical testing certificate we will be there to help you. Here is more information about the testing services we offer and the certificates we can provide you with.

Our landlord certification starts from £95+VAT and we can provide you with a same-day service if the need is urgent. We are also able to offer you discounted rates if you need multiple inspections or would like to set up regular inspections. Please give us a call or drop us an email if you wish to learn more about an electrical test or the process of getting an electrical safety certificate. We can provide electrical safety certificates for commercial and domestic electrical installations.

Economy 7 Meter

An Economy 7 meter is a two-rate meter which charges you at a lower electricity cost for 7 hour period throughout the day. To get the most out of your Economy 7 use timers with electrical appliances so that they come on during the 7-hour period. You can also do stay efficient with immersion or storage heaters with timeswich controllers. Replacement of an Economy 7 meter will require you to get an Electrical Installation Condition Report. This certificate is to ensure that the wiring on your property is properly done, safe and IET-compliant. Aside from it, we pride ourselves in providing Electrical PIR Periodic Inspection Report along with each of our services.

The team at London Electricians is able to inspect existing or new installations. For Economy 7 meter replacements, we’re not only performing the appropriate inspection. We will also make necessary alterations to qualify for certification. As a guide price, for a 3-bed flat (10 circuit barkers) the inspection will cost you £95+VAT.

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We provide 6 different types of electrical testing certificates, both domestic and commercial.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

An EICR highlights problems and potential problems on a property. Landlords are liable for any damage or injury caused by faulty equipment. EICRs are also a statutory requirement so it is vital that you have your equipment checked out by a professional once every five years at least. An EICR is also required for commercial properties and any property that the public can access.

Fire Detection and Alarm System Modification Certificates

Fire is a serious risk that can devastate a domestic or commercial property in a matter of minutes. It’s vital that you ensure properties are not just safe but are also fitted with the necessary fire safety equipment. Fire regulations in the UK require that risk assessments are carried out regularly. These assessments need to be done by a qualified professional who is able to carry out the correct risk assessment and issue a fire alarm certificate, or offer advice on necessary changes. Regular Electrical Testing is therefore recommended for every home or business owner.

Portable Appliances Testing

Electricity may be a necessity but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. In order to avoid accidents caused by electrical faults the government came up with a set of rules and regulations that must be followed. PAT testing is a requirement in London that should be done to make sure that everything is running safely and efficiently. PAT is short for Portable Appliances Testing.

Emergency Lighting Completion Certificate

You may also need emergency lighting in your business. Once emergency lighting is installed you also need an emergency lighting completion certificate to show the relevant authorities in the future. You also need to update your license should you make any changes to your existing emergency lighting system.

Fire Detection and Alarm System Inspection and Servicing Reports

It’s a requirement that every building has proper fire detection and alarm systems that can promptly alert employees to any fire hazards. This is vital to protect not just your business but also your workforce. Systems have to be checked on a regular basis to ensure that there are no faults that can lead to potentially disastrous problems.

Emergency Lighting Periodic Inspection Reports

An inspection of your emergency lighting needs to be carried out on a regular basis. They should be performed at least once every three years. You also need to have an inspection report done every time you make changes to your emergency lighting system. You may also have to perform an ad hoc report at any time.

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