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Why Electricity is Such a Big Deal

It’d take us longer than a short, online blog to explain the significance of electricity in the modern age. It’s almost a give these days that we’re extremely reliant on it. Just taking a moment to consider how different our daily lives would be without electricity is quite enlightening. Work, entertainment, and home life would all surely be affected.

Here, we’re providing a brief overview of the significance of electricity and why, therefore, it’s so important to have the number of a qualified electrician in your mobile phone.


What do you do when you get home from work? Do you watch TV, use the internet, or are you sucked into the timeless vortex that is your mobile phone? If the answer to any of the above is a firm “yes”, then we’ve done our job in underlining the significance of electricity in the entertainment world. Sure, you don’t need electricity to use your phone, but you’d have no wifi or be able to charge anything without it.

We’re not saying that everyone relies entirely on electricity in their spare time. People can get outside and read books, but it’s difficult to argue against it being completely ingrained in our daily routines.


There are a great many industries that would simply disappear without electricity. Digital marketing, for example, is entirely reliant on having something plugged in and, more often than not, the internet. Electricity disappearing would likely put millions of people out of work all over the world.

Home life

Aside from entertainment and work, our daily routines also rely heavily on electricity. You’ll struggle to find many people who don’t use at least some sort of electricity every 24 hours. Anyone with technology immediately qualifies, and there simply aren’t that many people any more who don’t use technology of some kind (particularly in this country).

Clearly, electricity’s kind of a big deal, but we all knew that. It is, therefore, important to have electricians nearby. London Electricians serve customers throughout London, in areas from Fulham and Hammersmith to Camden and Westminster. Add our number, 020 8728 9179, to your phone now, so you needn’t panic the next time something goes wrong. For non-urgent enquiries, you can fill out our online contact form.