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Have you ever seen a burned light fitting? We have!

By October 30, 2015November 15th, 2016News & Communications

Yesterday we received a phone call from a company located in Glentworth Street, NW1 requesting an emergency call out. At first I couldn’t understand the nature of their urgency because the caller said that a light has blown, which didn’t seam out of the ordinary, but she was really agitated and requested urgent attending from an electrician to their premises.

We responded promptly and had an electrician with them in under one hour from the call.
Only after our electrician arrived at their offices I understood the nature of their emergency. One of the lights had literally blown, fire emerged from it and the entire floor was filled with smoke, no wonder she was so agitated.

London Electricians responder disconnected the burned light fitting. Our engineer carried out an insulation test of the affected cables and restored power to the rest of the lights on that floor.

The company decided to temporarily move the people from that office to another location. London Electricians recommended to change the whole lighting system and also to upgrade the fuse boards in order to ensure the safety of their employees. London Electrician’s engineers returned a couple of days later and performed the electrical work needed.

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