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Home Security Whilst Away for Christmas

Christmas is almost upon us, which means that it’s the perfect time to travel back home and see old friends and family for the holidays. These visits may even extend right up until New Year, leaving your home empty for a substantial amount of time during the festive period; winter is a peak season for break-ins, and coming back to a home that has been ravaged by burglars is completely devastating. London Electricians, therefore, offer five home security measures to protect your home whilst you are away for Christmas.


Ensure Your Intruder Alarm Is Working

Having a fully working intruder alarm is crucial to home security, increasing the safety of your property by as much as 40%. Many people are guilty of forgetting to arrange regular servicing for their security systems, leaving their homes vulnerable to thieves. The team at London Electricians are highly experienced in the installation and repairing of intruder and burglar alarms and can offer expert advice on the best security alarm solutions for your specific requirements.

Lock Windows and Doors

We are all guilty of bad habits, particularly when it comes to looking after our properties, but leaving windows and doors open and unlocked is certainly one of the most concerning vices that compromise home security. Whether this comes down to distractions or absent-mindedness, exercise caution by checking all windows and doors are fully shut and locked before leaving on your journey. Moreover, it’s a good idea to turn this into an everyday routine, conducting these checks every night and whenever you leave the home.


If you are planning on travelling a fair distance to visit family for Christmas or New Year and therefore cannot return to your home quickly in the event of a break-in or an emergency, it is advisable to have a neighbour on standby who can check on the house daily. If possible, increase home security even further by asking a trustworthy person to house-sit whilst you are away.

Home Automation

One of the main deterrents for thieves – other than a burglar alarm – is the sign of activity within a household, as they know that its occupants are likely to catch them should they attempt to break in. Investing in a home automation system will allow you to programme your lights and electronic devices to turn on and off at specific intervals throughout the day, creating the illusion that someone is at home whilst you are away.

Out of Sight, out of Mind

Potential burglars will take any opportunity to scope out a property, find out how many presents are under the tree, and scan the room for other electronic gadgets and jewellery that are lying around ready for the taking. Try and put larger, more expensive items such as instruments and laptops in the attic, placing smaller items like tablets and jewellery in drawers, preferably ones that have a locking facility. What’s more, don’t leave presents to sit under the tree for the duration of your absence; keep them stored away until you return home.

Here at London Electricians, we care about the safety and well-being of our customers. Don’t wait any longer to ensure that your intruder alarm is offering you the best home security and protection possible. Contact our knowledgeable team today by calling on 020 8728 9179 or by completing our quick and easy online contact form.