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Installing security lighting

By September 3, 2015November 15th, 2016News & Communications

We were called to Silkstream Road in Burnt Oak Area to install security lighting. As the area is known for the large number of burglaries that the residents fall victims to, any additional security on a property is a great asset.

The high criminality rate in the area is also acknowledged by the local authorities  and the Police state on their website that a house with no security measures fitted is five times more likely to be burgled than one with even the simplest security features.

A primary defence against intruders that you should consider as an initial step taken towards protecting your home is the installation of security lighting.  We installed for our client LED security lighting with PIR movement sensor for the front of the house (see pictures below). We positioned it high so it is difficult for intruders to reach or tamper with it.

An external lighting system makes it impossible for burglars to snoop around your home undetected, so they are less likely to break into a home if it has security lighting with movement sensor fitted. As the front of the house is usually better protected, you should consider fitting security lighting on the rear of the house, especially if you have a patio or garden doors or windows that might be easier to be broken into as the front door.

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