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Let’s face it – electricity, wiring and (especially) technology were so much simpler in the past. However, nowadays they are so complicated that we don’t even know how to get around with them. One thing that remained the same is our kids –  running around the wires and cords and placing their fingers in. We taught them that this is dangerous, but we cannot just know whether they will listen or not.

It may happen to you or your kids – electricity shocks are common. But they can definitely be evaded for sure. The ‘mysterious holes’ can actually be safe, and one important aspect of this is to ensure that their wiring is properly grounded. Which brings us to the big question:

What Is Electrical Grounding?

Your home in London needs to be grounded. Only that way, it will add a safety factor for your family – but also your electronics. So, here is how grounding works.

As you may know, electricity travels in a path of least resistance. Therefore, if your toaster breaks, it can flow on the metal side of the toaster. Then, if you touch it, this may result in a shock, injure you or even kill you. However, if your electrical system in London is grounded and the toaster is plugged in, the electricity won’t flow to the outside of the toaster, but flow through the prong back into the wires and then to Mother Earth. This defines the term electrical grounding.

Now, every electrical system can be grounded with using different types of devices. However, the principle of a ground wire always stays the same. It is the wire attached to your electrical system that connects into the ground and protects your electrical wires which can also act as a grounding device.

The main idea behind electrical grounding for your London home is simple. It protects you, your family and your delicate and expensive electronics. But even more than that, it may cause great damage to each of the subjects mentioned, especially the sensitive electronics like your fridge, laptop, phone or dryer.

“So, How to Know If My London Home Is Electrically Grounded?”

In case you have electrical outlets with three prongs, this may be a grounded system. The third prong may allow an appliance to be grounded only if it’s plugged into an electrical system that has a grounding device. However, this is not a fact – as sometimes these same three-pronged outlets are installed in electrical systems with no grounding devices.

Going DIY or hiring a handymen to take care of this may still be a risk to the National Electrical Code. The best way to ensure your London home is grounded is to hire a professional London electrician.

Sleep Sounder With a Professional London Electrician: Taking Care Of Your Grounded Electrical System

The best way to ensure a sound sleep and protect your family and devices is to hire a professional electrical contractor in London to investigate if your electrical system is grounder. You definitely do not want to put the risk to you by checking yourself or getting misinformed. And that is why at London Electricians, we pride ourselves in being your go-to electrician team in London, providing the most reliable 24/7 electrical service for your home.

Check your grounding system now – call us at London Electricians!