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Significance of Intruder Alarms

A modern home achieves an increased real estate value with a home security system. Thus, security firms are spending more in radio, print, and television advertising to convince homeowners to equip their homes with intruder alarms. But, what is really behind this attack in media? Why do a number of homeowners buy their promotions?  Here are the reasons why burglar alarms are worth investing:


A study has been conducted by the School of Criminal Justice in Rutgers University about the effects of a security system at home. The study showed that communities with high concentrations of home alarm systems have prevented more crimes. The study also showed that thieves would likely ignore a home with a security system and target a home without one.


When you ask homeowners why they invested in intruder alarms, most likely, they will mention the sense of security that their families get. However, burglar security is not the only benefit that alarm systems can offer. They can also monitor fires, smoke, flood, and dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. In addition, they also reduce premiums on the insurance policies of homeowners as offered by most insurance companies. Although the rates will vary, the savings can be large for owners with secured homes.


In 1969, Marie V. Brittan Brown received a patent for the intruder alarms she invented. Her monitor system and motorised camera had a great impact on home security.

At the present, many homes are guarded by home security systems. The home security industry is now worth over $30 billion and continues to grow at a rate of 7-8 percent every year. Additionally, almost every commercial establishments and schools have a burglar alarm to keep both human life and properties safe.


While home security systems are considered to be an expensive luxury for homeowners in the past, technology has made the modem system effective and affordable. Now, people can pay for the typical cameras, monitors, and video recording systems as they are a necessity.

The bulky cameras and tapes have been replaced by sensors and digital storage. Some wireless systems are user-friendly and simple that even homeowners can install them on their own. They are also given the chance to choose the 24-hour monitoring station for their home security systems.


In the future, security systems may be seen in new home construction. Homeowners will be able to arm or disarm their intruder alarms remotely, switch the light on, or turn on the TV and coffeemaker. The video cameras will be able to scan a room in every direction remotely, easing the fears of parents who have children at home alone with their babysitters.

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