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Step down transformers from 240V to 110V

By December 11, 2012April 11th, 2017News & Communications

We have recently experience a high volume of phone calls enquires about what can be made with the appliances coming from USA where the power is rated at 110V? The phone charger for American 110 volt 60 Hz. Is it also 240 volt 50 Hz? and all sort of similar questions.

Yes, there are appliances which can work on 110V and 240V but the biggest majority are requiring a step down transformer.

We have recently install for one of over customers in Kensington (London), two transformers by the fuse board which is serving half of the sockets on living room. The music system with a powerful amplifier and a smart ~LED TV requires a stabile source and half of the office and master bedroom where hi had plugs his printer, computer and all the expensive equipment. These step down transformers are UK manufactured and have an output power of 3.3Kw per circuit.

If you have any questions or you have any appliances coming from America and require a 110V supply please contact London Electricians and we will be happy to assist you. Please see also the photos if you what to know how this transformers are looking like.

There are no other better electricians in London how can do a smarter job!