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What to do in a Power Cut?

By February 12, 2019April 29th, 2019News & Communications

Power cuts can cause a variety of problems and there are various reasons why a power cut may occur including, damaged wires, severe weather conditions, birds flying into overhead cables and even by contractors working in the public highway. In our latest post, we discuss some top tips for safely handling a power cut, should you be affected.


If a power cut happens to occur during the evening when there is little natural light, it is best to opt for torches over candles, which could be dropped or come into contact with flammable materials when moving around the dark.

Once you have sorted out a safe source of light, you will need to ensure that all appliances that are not safe to run unattended, such as straighteners, cookers and electrical fires etc are switched off, ready for when the power returns. You may also wish to check on your neighbours, particularly if they are elderly. If you or your neighbours use a stairlift and are stuck upstairs, check that it has a handle to enable it to be moved manually back to ground level – otherwise, stairlifts will have a battery back up.

It is not always possible to tell how long the power in your home may be out for, so it is wise to turn devices such as mobile phones and laptops onto a low power mode to conserve the battery life.

So that you can tell when your power is back on, it is advisable to leave one light on in the house, ensuring that as soon as your power comes back on, you are made aware.

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