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The Advantages of Intercom Systems for Home Security

By July 5, 2017May 17th, 2019Featured, Your Domestic Household

While many will be familiar with the idea of intercom systems in workplaces and offices, it is arguably less common to hear of them being used for home security. There are, however, a number of significant advantages to be had from a home intercoms system. Here, London Electricians take a look at some of those benefits.


This is probably the most obvious, clearest point. Having the ability to speak to any potential visitors to your property from inside the home means that you control their access. If someone’s trying to get into your property who you’d prefer didn’t, you don’t have to let them in. Being able to speak with the person at your door allows you to gauge whether they’re someone you want to let in, or someone who is unknown and potentially untrustworthy. Home security is extremely important, and being able to monitor who has access goes a long way to providing it.

Need for keys

Few things are more frustrating than losing your keys. The hassle of worrying about who’s got a spare, and the worry of not being able to secure your home are not emotions anyone wants to experience. Installing an intercom system with access control can alleviate the problem. Rather than have to carry various sets of keys around with you all the time, having a memorable code will suffice. This particular advantage also allows selected people to have access without the need for a multitude of spare keys.

Ease of communication

As alluded to already, an effective intercom system makes communicating throughout the home easy and trouble free. In order to stay on top of various goings on inside the home, many people are turning to intercom systems. We understand how stressful and busy life can get, so having any systems that can help with that is extremely useful. Furthermore, being able to communicate with people at your door can sometimes be useful, particularly if you’d prefer a delivery to come to the back door, for example.

London Electricians

Here at London Electricians, we have a vast amount of experience when it comes to installing intercom systems. Our client base is spread throughout the London area, including (but not limited to) areas such as Camden, Westminster, Hammersmith and Fulham.

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