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The Benefits of Home CCTV

CCTV is prevalent in public life, commonly found monitoring our streets for incidents, looking out for potential shoplifters, and surveying pubs and bars, to name but a few. Thanks to the wider scope of affordable cameras, many people are now turning to this security measure in order to improve the safety of their residential property. Today, London Electricians take a look at five of the benefits of home CCTV:



Like intruder alarms, CCTV cameras are a means of deterring premeditated criminal acts such as theft, damage, and anti-social behaviour. Advancement in technology for the security industry has resulted in more powerful cameras which produce higher quality pictures and video footage. As a consequence, there is a possibility that these home CCTV cameras will pick up on a suspect’s features and help to identify them for judicial proceedings, which is a risk that some criminals simply do not want to take.


Following from the above, in the eventuality of a crime taking place against you or your property, the footage from your home CCTV can be handed over to the police to be used for facial recognition. Eye witnesses may only see a limited view of the incident, whilst a security camera has a better chance of recording a wider view of what has happened. You do, however, need to be careful about the positioning and angle of your CCTV camera, ensuring that it is recording only up to the boundaries of your property and not a neighbour’s house or a public path. This is to ensure that you do not break any privacy laws, which also applies to the free sharing of your recorded data online. If in doubt, the Information Commissioner’s Office offer a CCTV code of practice so that you know exactly where you stand when it comes to CCTV and compliance with the Data Prevention Act.

Peace of Mind

Simply having home CCTV setup on your property is a great way to feel much safer and sleep more soundly at night. You have 24/7 monitoring protection for you and your family, which is especially reassuring if you have to travel away and are worried about the household during your absence. What’s more, it is a comforting presence for vulnerable people such as the elderly or handicapable who are a common target for burglars and thieves, allowing them to monitor the outside of their home without the need to physically get up and look through their windows or front door.


It is undoubtedly frustrating when you find a note for unsuccessful delivery from your courier, despite the fact that you were in the house on the stated date and time; this may simply come down to not hearing your doorbell or the knocker, but, whatever the reason, inconvenience and agitation always ensue. Installing home CCTV helps to make sure that you are always able to see when your package has arrived, where it is left, and whether anything untoward has occurred. The idea is not to try and catch anyone out, but to ensure that you are receiving a proper service and to prevent any unwanted hassle. What’s more, packages left outside your home are a security risk, so it’s best to know when something has been dropped off so it can be moved inside as quickly as possible.


Many CCTV cameras and home security systems can be synced up with your computer, tablet, or phone, to be remotely accessed quickly and easily should you ever be away from your property. Utilising round the clock home CCTV in conjunction with home automation contributes towards a thorough security package for your property, the coordinated activation of lights and devices creating the look of movement and interaction within the house. This diversity in security technology is exactly why it is so important that you fully understand the capabilities of your camera and always find the best solutions for your specific needs.


Ensure that your property is fully protected throughout the year with top of the line home CCTV and intruder alarms. The knowledgeable team here at London Electricians understand the importance of a secure home, and we are highly experienced in repairing and installing a broad range of security software. Benefit from our expert advice and guidance by calling on 020 8728 9179 or by completing our online form.