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Electric Vehicle Street and Residential Charger Installation

By November 6, 2015October 14th, 2016News & Communications

Yesterday London Electricians team installed in Loughborough Park an electric vehicle charger that is used by local councils and corporate clients interested in joining the electric vehicle revolution as more and more people become environment conscious and decide to do their part in reducing pollution by using electric vehicles.
This type of electric vehicle charger was provided by POD Point Ltd and can charge simultaneously two vehicles offering a long and reliable service life, minimising at the same time the increase in street furniture.
London Electricians team performed complex electrical work in order to connect the devise and make it usable by the electric vehicle drivers. For short, our engineers installed the foundation and the power supply, installed the power post onto the foundation adapter, connected the power supply and carried out testing and commissioning for the device.

IMG_4516.JPG      IMG_4518.JPG  IMG_4522.JPG      IMG_4524.JPG  IMG_4525.JPG      IMG_9671