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Facts about CCTV Cameras

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are implemented in order to limit if not eliminate crimes. They can be seen in roughly every corner of London and other major cities in the United Kingdom. A number of cameras are necessary to monitor cities, increasing the growth in the number of camera production over the years. Majority of these cameras are used to prevent theft and other basic security surveillance.


CCTV cameras were first introduced in the 1970s as a form of analogue system. Since then, they have been upgraded to digital for easier management. The digital versions are also more convenient as they do not rely on large cable systems to transmit data and records.


There are three types of closed circuit television cameras – body type, image, and transmission. Body type cameras include dome cameras which are found in public areas and the standard white box cameras which are found almost everywhere. Image cameras capture pictures in real time and are commonly used in stores. Lastly, transmission cameras send out images through a wireless or fixed cable connection.


Closed circuit television cameras are very popular all throughout the world. They are mostly used as a surveillance technique in small areas. The United Kingdom has implemented them as an important element of police surveillance in the cities as well. Around the world, over 25 million CCTVs are in operation; 2.5 million of which are in areas in the United Kingdom.

Statistics show that the average number of citizens caught on cameras per day in major cities like London is 300.


There are a couple of reasons why CCTV cameras were implemented. One is to review video evidence of crimes committed. Since there is video evidence, the success rates of solving crimes are more likely to be higher. Another reason is to prevent crimes. If everyone knows that their activities are recorded, they would likely avoid committing crimes in order to keep away from the repercussions of getting caught.


One of the main purposes of these cameras is theft prevention. The whole idea is to limit theft and ensure a conviction of a guilty verdict when a crime occurs. According to a crime reduction officer of Southeast England, closed circuit television camera pictures increases the number of guilty verdicts, saving about 3000 to 5000 pounds each.


In July 2005, the bombing in London was successfully documented by CCTV cameras, where images helped identify the people who played key roles in the attack and lately lead to their convictions.

Closed circuit television cameras are very important nowadays, both for residential and commercial purposes. If you want to protect your properties and your family, London Electricians offer installment services which provide 24/7 security. Their services also include an automatic mobile notification if an intruder is detected.