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Installation of Fire Alarms with London Electricians

By January 13, 2013January 24th, 2018Business, Landlords, Your Domestic Household

Fire alarms can be a deciding factor in life or death situations. These are installed systems that can notify all the people in an establishment that there is a fire in the building, and most of the time these flames grow at a fast rate.

With the people notified early, the chances of casualties are decreased considerably and a lot of lives can be saved. There are several types of fire alarms and there those that come with an inter-linked system that is connected to the household main electric power and even has a battery back-up.

These are the kind of systems we have and offer for installation in London Electronics. This particular system is designed to set off all of the other household alarms in the event of an emergency, making it an ideal fire alarm system for spacious and large household, offices, or establishments.

Fire alarms are becoming more and more popular with the general public. After all, everyone wants to feel safe and secured. From the busy office hours to the moment you tuck yourself and loved ones in bed, being guaranteed safe from harm is every person’s necessity.

It is now mandatory in the UK for all kinds of business to have a fire alarm installed. With the law in effect, it upholds to protect both the consumers and the business owners. It also required having these installed fire alarms checked and regularly maintained.

There are several types of fire alarms but if you want to be safe and get your money’s worth, you should inquire with us at London Electronics, where your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Some fire alarm systems can also be installed with emergency extinguishers that can immediately put out fire while they can still be contained.

If you are planning to use such system, you should check and make sure that qualified and authorized personnel are the ones doing the installation otherwise there is risk of malfunction during the time it is needed most.

Other companies would sell substandard or ineffective systems or models which could be a potential threat instead of serving to protect you. We guarantee that our services and products at London Electricians are safe, reliable, and approved by safety and regulation standards.

Our team of electricians can fit, supply, and maintain fire alarms in any areas of North, South, Central, or West London. We guarantee that you will have peace of mind in transacting business with us, assuring you of no hidden charges for our services. We are professionals and all our work is according to BS7671 regulations. For your part, you should ensure that you use an NICEIC registered contractor to ensure safe and correctly installed electronics.

If you are planning to install fire alarms in your place of business or home you can contact us through our website.