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Why is PAT testing important?


PAT testing is an extremely important part of the safety of the modern business environment, for a number of reasons. It’s vital that you protect your business and your employees, and making sure that the small electrical items you use on a daily basis are up to standard is a big part of this.

Statistics show that around 25% of all electrical accidents are caused by a fault in a small appliance, something which could easily have been avoided with regular testing. Indeed it’s recommended by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that you have all small appliances tested on an annual basis.

What Does PAT Testing Involve?

This isn’t a straight-forward question, because each item will be tested for numerous different factors, depending on a number of factors: what the item is, how likely it is to develop a fault, the intended use of the item and the environment in which it is used.

PAT testing is a thorough procedure, because it’s so important that each item is approved to be safe to use. Once tested, a sticker will be placed on the appliance either stating ‘PASS’ or ‘FAIL’. Items that pass will have the date recorded on the sticker, to show when the next test is required.

The Globalisation of the Workplace

PAT testing becomes more and more important as we start seeing an increase in the number of imported electrical goods. It’s now much easier to order appliances from foreign nations in bulk, even more so than it was just a few years ago, and you can make great savings for your business if you do so.

But the standards of electrical testing aren’t the same around the world, and sometimes appliances are built not only to different quality levels but also for different environments. PAT testing can help to determine whether these imported appliances are safe for your workplace, or whether they’re likely to develop a fault which could be dangerous.

Why You Need a Professional

It’s true that someone with a competent level of knowledge could carry out a simple visual check for exposed wires or signs of damage that might indicate previous accidents which might develop. But for a thorough check of the full workings of the machine, a professional electrician is required.

Remember PAT testing isn’t a legal requirement, but at the same time every industry regulator suggests annual testing for a reason. Opting not to have your small appliances PAT tested is an unnecessary risk, considering the potential issues that could arise if something where to go wrong. Faulty electrical items can lead to major disasters including electrical fires.

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