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Tesla Cars and London Electricians Are Now Friends

By November 13, 2015October 18th, 2017News & Communications

As mentioned also in a previous post, from our perspective as electricians in London, we discover that more and more people become environmentally conscious and are inclined to turn to electrical vehicles in order to play their part in reducing pollution in hope our planet will be able to heal itself after all the years that we took her for granted and we were more interested in our comfort than in the impact our lifestyle might have on the environment.

Fortunately, choosing to drive an electrical vehicle does not reduce the comfort or change the lifestyle of the users at all, Tesla electric vehicles are comfortable and get smarter every day in order to make our lives even easier.

For London Electricians is not the first contact with this type of technology, our electrical engineers have years of experience in installing and commissioning electrical vehicle chargers for both domestic and public use.

Tesla2  Tesla1