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What to Do in an Electrical Emergency

Electrical emergencies, severe or otherwise, are all too common in properties throughout the UK. It’s important to be aware of how best to react if something does go wrong, though, so you don’t put yourself or anyone else in danger.

Here, London Electricians explain what to do in an electrical emergency, and how you can avoid injuring yourself in the process. If you take a look through our previous blogs, you’ll find plenty of information on the causes of electrical accidents. Take a look to familiarise yourself with the best ways of preventing an electrical emergency.

Be prepared

Know where your emergency electrician’s number is. Make sure you can access that when you need to. We would strongly advise adding a reputable, trusted emergency electrician’s number to your phone contact book – this will allow you to respond quickly to any emergency that occurs.

Being prepared also involves knowing where your nearest fire exits are, and how you can access the fire extinguisher. Having emergency lighting installed is also a great idea, especially in commercial buildings where there are a lot of people (and where those people aren’t as familiar with their surroundings as they are with their own home).

Turn off the power

Depending on the nature and severity of the emergency, it’s best to cut the power during an electrical emergency. You can do so by flipping the switch on the property’s electrical service box. We would advise against simply unplugging the appliance(s) in question. This can still pose a serious threat to your health, and won’t even necessarily solve the problem. It’s best to cut the power off at the source, and turn it off at the service box.

Leave it to the experts

This point goes for pretty much every electrical emergency. Whether it’s a small issue or a serious electrical emergency, you should leave it to the professionals. The more you get involved, regardless of how basic a situation you think you’re in, the more your chances of doing further damage or getting hurt increase. Take chance out of it, and get in touch with the emergency electricians. Most companies will provide an estimated time of arrival, and can aim to be with you in a reasonable time frame.

Call 999

In the most serious cases (such as someone being rendered unconscious from an electric shock, or an electrical fire restricting access to exits), you need to call 999. Explain the situation, and use your better judgement to determine whether you need an ambulance or the fire brigade.

Hopefully you’ll never be in a position where such action is required, but it’s important to know that you’re well within your rights to contact the emergency services if someone’s in serious danger.

London Electricians

If you do find yourself in an electrical emergency, then London Electricians can help. We’ve got a great amount of experience when it comes to helping customers throughout London, and can be with you within an hour.

Call us on 020 8728 9179, and we’ll be along to help you as soon as we can get there.